My short story in pictures

My short story in pictures

Some of my Instagram followers asked me why am I doing this whole motivation blogging thing.

On Instagram I really want to help keep up the motivation for the ones who decided to change something via living a healthier life by doing exercises.

I know it is hard to maintain the motivation, especially when the achievements are not that obvious.

On the other hand I had some “fortunate” circumstances with my low back pain issues. and I started to research solutions.

As with everything… I hit some walls, invested in stuff that doesn’t worked. But I never gave up, that’s how I found the hip flexor training, you can read about it in my last blog post if you click here.

All and all I had some close friends who were pushed me, helped me to get back on track and work harder to reach those goals.

It was a pay it forward situation in my mind. So as a thank you and as an effort to help others I started to upload motivational pictures, and thoughts to Instagram.

And not long ago I decided to create a small video to cover one more popular social media.

So The Story in pictures:

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